Amro Deminers Ready To Help With Clearing UXO From Seismic Survey Work Site
January 6, 2017 - Written by Admin Two

Hargeysa,January 6,2016(Sl-Times)-Amro Deminers,a group of SNM veterans with long mine action support experience,are ready to help with clearance of unexploded ordinance(UXO) for the seismic survey to be shortly conducted in the eastern regions of Somaliland.According to Amro ‘s senior team leader Mr. Ahmed Fas ,the group is interested in working with the company contracted to carry out the survey to  make sure that bothe their operations and

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the local community are safe.Besides UXO services,Amro provides risk education and weapons raising awareness to avoid death or injury from explosive remnants of war.Because of Ambro teams’ extensive knowledge of the local terrain and their ability to understand the community better,Ahmed Fas is confident that they can successfully identify and deal with any potential risks and hazards to be encountered in the area demarcated for the seismic survey.

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